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Complete Worn Out West Gift Guide - By Maddi

Complete Worn Out West Gift Guide - By Maddi

As it comes closer to the Christmas season many of us lack ideas or inspiration on what to get our favourite people. We thought we’d be extra helpful this year and put together a complete gift guide of our favourite things. After some extreme brainstorming we have come up with twelve perfect gift ideas just to take a bit of the Christmas shopping stress away. This gift guide is guaranteed to give you some handy inspiration or even help you add to your own wish list. Not only have we provided the ideas, but we have taken it a step further and provided the links so there is no need to search everywhere! 

1. We all know one person who enjoys the finer things in life or just a good quality product, in saying that our first and favourite suggestion is YETI. Just about anything from this brand will bring a smile to someone’s face. From the kids water bottles to the Tundra’s. There really isn’t anything better. 

You can find our yeti products featured in this post by following this link to our website.*

2. With a YETI comes the responsibility of taking the best care of it. Look no further than the Worn Out West YETI covers. Made locally to provide the best protection for your gallon and half gallon water bottles. Guaranteed to withstand the hardy conditions of the west. Our YETI covers are exclusive to Worn Out West, if you'd love to grab one of your own head on in to see our team or call us on (07) 4743 2406

3. Sometimes finding the perfect shoe can be difficult, but look no further. Ariat cruisers are the most comfortable shoes coming in some great designs. From the plain Jane to the colourful for both the guys and girls.

You can find our collection of Ariat cruisers via our website linked below*

4. This one’s for the blokes, nothing beats a good quality belt and it doesn’t get much better than an R.M. Don't stress we have plenty of belts for the ladies as well.

5. A new wallet is never a bad idea especially a good quality one. Ariat and R.M Williams make some of the best wallets that are sure to last overtime and for the lovely ladies Nancy Bird has provided some of the highest quality leather wallets we have ever seen.

You can find our wallets via our website linked below.

6. Many say that success starts with a good foundation so we give you the most underrated present of them all… socks. We did say this was a complete guide so we highly recommend bamboo socks. Not only do they provide comfort, but they allow your feet to take a breather.*

7. We all know at least one travel bug so why not buy them a good quality travel bag that is sure to withstand a few hundred trips. The Ariat and This ‘n’ That travel bags are by far some of our favourites. Having owned both you can’t go wrong with either option.

Head on down to see the friendly team to get your hands on these great travel  bags. 

8. This one is for the future rough riders. The small adrenaline junkies if you will. This small but exhilarating lil bucker is sure to entertain the little ones for hours, from the mutton busting to bull riding or even the bronc horse. These high quality buckers are sure to withstand the wild little cowboys and cowgirls.*

9. Although 2020 has been a slow one in regards to events of every kind, 2021 is sure to be better, therefore we should be fully prepared for a quick trip away. Everyone needs a swag and a Centre Canvas Swag is the most durable, portable and comfortable bed you will ever find. They aren’t like the typical army green swags, coming in some of the best colour combinations we’ve ever seen these stunners are guaranteed to last a lifetime.

Head on to and see our friendly staff in store to get your hands on one of these amazing swags. 

10. This one is for the hard working women out there. The ones who are on their feet all day every day and just need that little bit more support. Frankie's are worn buy some of the hardest working women, from nurses to teachers and provide the best support possible. This would be a perfect gift for those hard working women I’m sure we all know.*

11. The best working shoe anyone has worn, Merrels, loved by many worn by thousands this comfortable slip on is sure to stand the test of time. Check out our range of Merrels on our website linked below or come in store today to try on a pair.*

12. This one is for all of the foodies out there. If you are anything think like us and love a good sauce we have the brand for you. Pukara Estate has some of the best quality sauces we have come across that are sure to make you want more.*

Well, you've made it to the end of our 2020 gift guide. We hope you enjoyed the reading and found some amazing ideas for this holiday season. With this extra help we hope we lifted the gift buying stress and gave you some fool proof gift giving ideas. 


Happy shopping! 

The Worn Out West Team