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A quick look back on 2020

A quick look back on 2020

A quick look back on 2020 


We may be in February, but we still wanted to take a quick look back on the year that was 2020. Although the year took many turns and was definitely a roller coaster ride it ended on really good note for the team here at Worn Out West. There were many victories in the store this year, but they didn't come without the obstacles and curve balls that were thrown. As the year began we entered a pandemic and Hannah was determined that we would operate as usual. We were like many were thrown into some uncertain times but as many did we began the shop renovations which gave the team something to look forward too. The renovations are yet to be completed, but the shop looks amazing and has a new breath of life that many have discovered as they walk through the door. As the months went on we realized how difficult it would be to get stock and how slow that process would be. It was defiantly a learning experience, but the patience of our amazing customers made the adjustment a little easier. We had to say goodbye to some of our favorite employees and say hello to some new faces. We received so many more online orders which came from across the country especially wanting to purchase the infamous Akubra Woomera. It was amazing to see how much social media kept the world connected and the ball rolling. One of the biggest accomplishments this year would have to be the amazing relationships we created and maintained with all of our station customers. Throughout the year they were defiantly the friendly faces we all needed to see and made the world feel a little more normal. We celebrated the Hacon's owning the shop for 10 years and looked back on how much the shop had evolved and improved over that time. It's amazing how much something can grow and change in 10 years. We received so many embroidery orders this year and have met some amazing people and companies through this. We ended the year with everyone enjoying a cheese platter & a cold beer on Christmas Eve in classic Worn Out West style. We are all super excited to see what 2021 brings and can't wait to see new and old faces walk through the doors! 

See you all soon, 

The Worn Out West Team