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Smith's Edge Eater Sharpening Stone

Size Guide

This Smith's EdgeEater features a multi-purpose design for sharpening a wide range of edged tools. The EdgeEater will quickly sharpens axes, machetes, mower blades, clippers, shovels, hoes and more. It has a groove grip for comfortable and safe use. item includes a stone cap that protects the hand during use.

  • MULTIPURPOSE TOOL SHARPENER – Smith’s Edge Eater Sharpening Stone is a handheld sharpener that is built for performance and durability.
  • VERSATILE – It will quickly sharpen a variety of lawn care and gardening tools such as axes, machetes, shovels, hoes, clippers, mower blades.
  • HANDHELD – This handheld sharpening puck measures 66.3L x 48.01W x 48.01H mm and weighs 270 grams. The compact size makes it easy to store and take on the go to use anywhere!
  • EASY & COMFORTABLE– Smith’s Edge Eater features a grove grip that provides room for your fingers and thumb for comfort & safety. The top of the sharpener has a stone cap that protects your hand.
  • COARSE GRIT – The sharpening stone is made of high-quality coarse grit material. The coarse stone will bring the edges of your lawn and garden tools back to life in minutes!