Meet Sneaky, a very spcecial member of the Worn Out West team.  Sneaky belongs to the youngest member of the Worn Out West team - Angus.  Angus is 8, a Junior Campdrafter and a pretty casual operator. The kind of kid that rolls in for his run at a campdraft and rolls out just as quickly to go and jump on the Jumping Castle (sometimes forgetting to remove his spurs!).  So they make a pretty cool team!!  Sneaky doesn't like to over exert himself which suits Angus because he is usually thinking about the Jumping Castle.  Sneaky loves to steal your Bacon and Egg burger at breakfast, he is the ultimate escapee and is usually found roaming the dusty surrounds of a northern campdraft.....eating of course.  As you can see, he is a multi purpose horse....he is used for mustering, campdrafting and a hat rack occassionally!!  We think he is awesome.