Baking a cake? You either have no time or plenty of time. 


You need smoko's for the camp? Station life can all get busy at times where you are running around doing multiple tasks, like feeding the camp breakfast at 5.30am, watering the garden, being called out to the yards or help move a vehicle. Time just gets away. 


So here is a recipe that can help you out!


This faithful basic cake can be eaten that day or put away in the freezer, doubled to feed more people


Put all the following indigents into a bowl;

            2 cups of self raising (SR) flour

            1 cup of sugar

            125gms of butter (melted)

            2 eggs

            1 tsp. of vanilla

            2/3 cup of milk


Use either electric beaters or mixer and beat for 3 minutes.


Put in an 8" round tin or spoonfuls into cupcake/muffin cases (cooking time will be less).


Cook in a moderate oven for about 30-35 minutes.


This basic cake can be made into many different combinations;

        Chocolate   1/2 cup of cocoa and 1 1/2 cup of SR flour

        Orange    1/2 cup of a juice of an orange, 2 tsp. of rind and 1 1/2 cups of SR flour

        Lemon/Coconut    same as above but with different fruit

        Tea Cake    spread top with sliced apple, sprinkle with cinnamon, sugar and coconut then bake

        Marble    use three different colours


The old chocolate cake is a BIG time favourite I'm pretty sure at almost every house or station in Australia.


Give this recipe a try and I'm sure you will ENJOY!

Happy baking!