- Regularly clean your boots with a damp cloth to get rid of mud and anything else they've picked up out on the station.

- Once fully dry, Ariat recommend that they are conditioned with leather conditioner and polished to help extend the life of your boot.

- Try to avoid wearing the same pair every day because the combination of humidity and bacteria from your feet can cause them to deteriorate faster.

- And lastly, avoid placing leather boots near direct heat as it could cause cracking.



- To maintain the colour of the leather and to remove scuffs and marks, they recommend using R.M.Williams polish on a regular basis.

- Try to wear them in dry conditions for the first few times wearing them, because fine leather boots can require a full day to dry out if they get wet.

- Same as Ariat, RM recommends using a damp cloth to remove dirt and dust, and to let your boots dry naturally if you get them wet.

- R.M.Williams Hi-Shine will give your boots a long lasting instant shine to keep them looking their best!

- Here is the link for the R.M.Williams boot polish we sell in store and online!



To be honest, my boots have only been polished once, and that was when my Mum did it.

As much as I probably should have cleaned and polished them more often, I kinda like all the marks on them.

I got all those marks from working at home with Dad, and being 2,500 km's from home I'm glad I have a reminder every day!!

- Laura at Worn Out West